Top Ten List 2016

Hi Everyone:  


Once again I present my Top Ten list. It's a great way for me to express gratitude to the many people who help shape and create my life.

10. The Annual Family Trip to Taiwan included a side trip to Vietnam for Yufen and me this year.  We are so grateful to all our relatives there for keeping Kailee and Kaiden and letting us see yet another culture and country.  Like our trip to Cambodia there is definitely an uneasiness on being American and seeing the effects our past policy has had on the country.  Fortunately, time and the inexorable move towards Capitalism has mended relations.  One example is the War Crimes Museum has been renamed the War Remembrance Museum.  While Vietnamese still bristle under being a Communist regime, they allow advances like UBER MOTO where you can hail a motorcycle (or car) to come pick you up from an App on your cell phone.  Progress.  
9.  Parents Moving in.  This has been great for the entire family - even my dad is developing his own routine out here.  My mom has been happy as ever and in great health taking care of the kids (and cooking for us).  Thanks mom and dad for moving in and hope you are enjoying as much as we are.  
8.  Annual Ski Trip to Colorado.  In another tradition, I joined Jaleel on a guys ski weekend around my birthday to Keystone and Breckenridge.  Fabulous skiing on great snow, tons of vertical and added to my growing collection of ski resorts.  Might want to list those out one of these years.  
7. Achieved goal of running 1 mile per day and this year, if Zuckerberg can do it, so can I again!  Also, many, many thanks to Guy Ancelet for working out with me at SF Fitness - needed someone to push me.  
6.  Business - The primary business is the rental one and that continued to remain on a nice upward trajectory.  Rents are rising and cash flow allows us to make decisions that allow us to do the right things for our tenants, properties and investors.  Thanks to Michael A. for being my Senior Board Member and continuing to push me and inspire me.  His and Karen's blending of something fun with something business inspired me to the condo purchase at Squaw where Jaleel and Nasira are my co-hosts with the mosts with whom the ski weeks at Northstar are a great tradition.
5.  Spending real time with friends, including Fred who had me road trip down to LA with him in search of Porshes - in a Porsche.  Seeing Dave and Cliff and families including new additions (Lana).  As always my Book Club and Guys Night Out keeps me surrounded by friends who have known me for the past twenty years - there is no substitute for the emotional nourishment I get from our gatherings.  And all the lunches, dinners, beers, coffees, hikes, calls, texts, facebooks with friends near and dear no matter the distance.  There is no way I can list and thank my friends often enough.   
4.  Kailee starting Kindergarden at Crocker where Zoe has replaced Cece and Kaiden growing into the terrible two’s - his most terrible act is stealing my iPhone to feed his YouTube for Kids addiction.  Here are the pics you want...
And a few silly short videos...  
one more...
3.  Yufen being able to stay home and spend more time with the family.  She has been volunteering at Kailee’s school, working on her business and definitely spending more time with me - which is very appreciated!  Love you for being with me and supporting our family in so many ways.  

2.  My brother Sameer who will have grown in so many ways as he discovers himself and the world - change is good. 


1.  Thanks everyone for great year - here's to 2017 and more of everyone's smiles and good nature!