Top Ten List for 2011


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My annual Top Ten List is very special this year.  It is highlighted by the birth of our daughter Kailee who tops the list.  She’s been a joy and a wonderful gift to our family - its been every bit the life changing event that those of you who have kids heralded.  Also making this a spectacular year was the wedding of my brother to Bethany - I thank them for letting me officiate the wedding - it was an honor.  I appreciate everyone who contributed to the growth and prosperity of the business - this year we expanded to Las Vegas.  Best wishes to all for a great 2012!

10. Bethany and Sameer’s Wedding -

So last year, out of the blue, Sameer and Bethany tell me they have something to tell me.  What could it be - that they were getting married?  After 7 years that would hardly be a surprise.  Yes they were getting married and the surprise was that they wanted me to Officiate the wedding.  For about a year I crafted a ceremony that blended both the Indian and Western traditions - one that reflected their relationship.  I shared it with them for approval and as expected my brother had no input while Bethany made a few revisions which enhanced it.  The big day came and while I was a bit nervous, and flubbed a few lines, overall, I’m very happy to have had the honor and even more delighted to officially (be) welcome(d by) Bethany into our (her) family!  CONGRATS!  The fireworks at the end highlighted the wedding - great touches throughout.
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9.  Montreal Bachelor Party - We celebrated the death of Sameer’s and Kevin’s bachelorhood with an all guys trip to Montreal.  Only Sal chickened out as his wife forbade him to leave her side as Irene made her way up the coast.  What happened in Montreal stays in Montreal … you can catch a glimpse of it here...
8.  Baby Moon - Avila Beach -For someone who has travelled quite a bit and who always enjoys it - as per usual, I hesitated going on this trip.  Fortunately Yufen convinced me that this would be the last time the two of us would have time together and after searching deals to Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean - we decided that California was an ideal location once we found an amazing deal on Travelzoo and stayed at the Sycamore Springs Resort which was just outside San Luis Obispo.  Lots to do, lots to see and very relaxing - its these trips within CA that makes me remember for all its “faults” CA is still one of the best places on the planet to live.
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7.  Business - As per custom, I only allow one entry for Business/Job/Career as that is how I want my life to be viewed when I’m on my deathbed (blame Stephen Covey for that).  At its core the business has a responsibility to provide good decent environmentally conscious living habitats - in doing so, the business gets rewarded and in turn it has met since inception 9 years ago every obligation taken on.  I thank my investors for their continued trust in my ability to continue this.  I thank all the people who provide their expertise, time, and effort on behalf of the Company to fulfill its obligations to its tenants, vendors, investors and yes even the government.  This year I want to also especially thank Michael A. for pushing me to grow the business - we now have 3 properties in Las Vegas and are adding more - click on presentation below for more information.
6.  New York - Two Events:  Baby Shower and Meeting Kailee - My parents were absolutely thrilled to - as Rasesh Uncle put it - get a promotion to being grandparents.  They relished throwing us a baby shower and later also a Welcome Kailee party when we were in NY for the Wedding.  Our appreciation to them and everyone who attend our gatherings - it makes our trips special - I’m still a New Yorker at heart - Go Yankees!  Speaking of baseball, I’ve got to throw in the playoffs and the last day of the season - you’ll get it if you are a fan...  
5.  Product of the Year -  I was very tempted to pick Google or the Roomba, however, last year’s winner Apple still enticed me to buy 2 iPad2s, 1 replacement iPhone 4 and 3 Apple TVs, in addition to upgrading my OS.  My parents Facetime everyday to see Kailee so that tipped the scale (anyone else Facetime?) and of course -  Steve Jobs you are remembered - wish I’d worked at Apple while you were there!

4.  Sameer - every now and again, my younger brother does something that totally astounds me -usually on the stupid side...  This year, after the culmination of many, many years of hard work - I visited my brother in his OFFICE, in his SCHOOL.  My brother at his ripe age has become a Principal in the NYC public school system.  It is quite a responsibility that he is taking on - one that he has earned the right to through years of study, apprenticeship and hands on training.  Congrats Sameer we’re proud of you!  
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3.  Visitors - Kailee’s birth provided the occasion for many more visits to our home. Mom (Yufen’s), parents (mine) and 2nd and 3rd sister all stayed with us for an extended period to help us welcome both Kailee and Mom back home.  Please come back - we miss your cooking (except for the pigs feet).  I am also grateful to everyone who came (all friends and family - near and far) and who otherwise sent us their best wishes - any one who wants to visit (baby-sit) please come - Kailee loves attention and she provides hours of entertainment - you’ll get used to the diapers...  


2.  Kailee - The Birth -  This changes everything.  Yufen had a remarkably pain-free and easy delivery - she didn’t hesitate to take the Epidural at the first sign of pain and then the next morning after about 38 minutes (less than one of my workouts) out popped Kailee.  YuFen’s mom, and Glendy were in there to support her and take photos while I think I cut the cord - its kind of a blur to me.  In what I’m sure will be the first of her accomplishments on these pages, Kailee gets due credit for making her birth an efficient and fast procedure making it relatively easy on her mom.

1.  I always end by writing - to all the people in my life who make life worth living - I can think of no better way of visualiziing than this current photo of our mantle (not pictured is my email inbox which is also overflowing) - full of your cheer, smiles and best wishes - thanks to all, and to all a Great 2012!