Top Ten 2013

Hi Everyone:  

Here's my annual Top 10 list, its been a great way to share my year with everyone and your news is always appreciated.  I'll try fewer words this year and let the images do the talking. No particular order implied...

10.  Annual Christmas Ski Trip - Who needs snow?  Thanks Jaleel and Nasira for Year Six!



9.  New York -   Somehow it was over a year and half since our last trip to NY so we had tons of family and friends to visit. Here's some of that trip (it's long so don't watch it unless you think you might be in it - in which case definitely don't watch it as you will probably want to comment on your photo...).

8.  Taiwan - Our annual trip to Taiwan (aka Kailee's Chinese immersion language study) was once again filled with food, family and this time a visit to Brother in Law's company's business operations. We also left Kailee with 3rd Sister and Grandma so we could ... (see #7)  


7.  Bali, Indonesia - Four days in Bali thanks to Yufen's family, especially mom and 3rd sister who took great care of Kailee. Hot springs, resort with private pool, climbing a volcano, cock-fighting, haggling, beaches, temples...


6.  Business - Passed the ten year mark for Sandalstone - thanks to my Dad, Prajapati family, my investors, and especially to the folks who take care of the nitty gritty details. Slowed down growth as the real estate markets rebounded quite strongly. Thanks to Michael and Karen for coming out to Vegas. The Shorey House became a City of Oakland Landmark. Yufen (Metal-Tex) sold to the Hugo Boss store in NYC (see item #9)! Also a special mention to my cousin Mital for being my #1 protege in Detroit!


5.  Running -  My Nike running app logged 348.41 miles for 2013. 113 runs in all, mostly all around Lake Merritt. Special thanks to WuLan and Bo with whom I ran a 10K in October!  


4.  Product of the Year -  For those of you following Facebook, you would know my entertainment pick of the year is Breaking Bad, which I finally got into this year - mid-stream - no spoilers pls.  


3.  Play Dates - So many adventures with Kailee (and her friends) that are fun for me as well. To name a few the Oakland Zoo, Fairyland, Chabot Space Museum, the Exploratorium, Lawrence Science Hall, and Byington Winery (which is a great place for play dates! and weddings and corporate events).


3.  Births - Exciting news of births from Ankur & Devi, Babi & Bhavi, Kamini and Robin (TWINS!), Jigar & Mansi, Phil & Glendy, Tony & Lisa... Since I don't have all the photos (and with no connection - none), here are some more Bali monkey baby pics which are not half as cute (the monkey babies are pretty darn cute).



2.  Sameer's Publicity tour -  As proof that I don't order these - #2 is my brother's publicity tour from his Edible Schoolyard project. He made it to the WSJ and more appealingly to him Jake Gyllenhall's fan website. "Don't screw it up!" - Mayor Bloomberg. It was also good to check out the genesis in Berkeley and certainly a good excuse for us to go to Chez Panisse on his fact finding trip out here.  


1.  Thanks everyone for great year - here's to 2014 and more of everyone's smiles and good nature!