Top Ten 2012

Hi Everyone:  

2012 was a year of continuing traditions, friendships and best of all visits from and to family and friends.  All the while Kailee is 19 months old and continues to amaze each day.  For those of you connected to Yu-Fen on Facebook, I’m sure you have seen many, many photos and videos.  Enjoying the journey...  (and btw - there is no order to the list - I don’t put that much thought into this).  

10.  Glendy and Phil’s Wedding - So while I can’t say too much about Phil’s bachelor party in Vegas - I can certainly write about the wedding.  It was a Destination wedding in Hawaii - the island of Oahu, city of Waikiki.  We celebrated Glendy and Phil’s wedding wherein I ended up being a Flower-Girl - my first such designation!  Congrats Glendy and Phil!  We stayed in my father’s time share which was a condo residence on the beach - Kailee loved the sand and developed a healthy fear of the waves - which were rather strong - having dislocated one woman’s knee our second day there.  

9.  Florida -   Yu-fen’s side business of importing metal fabric allowed us to go to Orlando for one week.  We took the opportunity of making it into a family trip when my close family friends Tejal, Niral and her parents hosted us at their homes.  Tejal - wow! great job with the house - truly a special experience and we are thrilled to have celebrated the boys birthdays!  Best of luck to Niral as he opens his business and grows his practice!   Oh and yes - Kailee still looks at photos of Niral and smiles!


8.  Taiwan - We had an incredible three week trip which allowed us to celebrate Kailee’s first birthday there.  3rd sister did an amazing job throwing a party with many of her relative’s in attendance.  We also embarked on a week long trip around Taiwan with 1st and 2nd sister.  Amazing natural scenery (made accessible by the efforts of the Taiwanese) especially of the Gorge.  Very happy to see Jason Rothstein who happened to swing a business trip to the Island while we were there.  The trip also answered the question of my being able to run my business from anywhere.  Coupled with Kailee’s expanding Chinese vocabulary - the plan is to make frequent trips over the next 4 to 5 years - look out!  


7.  College Guys Reunion - Cliff, Ed, Mark and I held a mini-Reunion where we decided to do a “Sideways” trip - you remember the movie with Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church - about two guys who take a trip to the Santa Ynez wine country.  Well just about every winery we stopped at had some reference to the movie - in case we had forgotten.  Good to see the guys and the City of Solvang was a trip to Denmark.  


6.  Business - Continued growth for the Company - having finished its 9th year in business.  This year’s accomplishments include adding more properties to its portfolio, getting licensed in Nevada and meeting as it has every year all investor (debt and equity) obligations.  Am grateful and appreciative to everyone who has played a role in the Company’s success.  The cycle is playing itself out as to be expected - asset prices got too low and now are rebounding off the bottom.  On to the next phase?    


5.  Traditions Continued -  Our Book Club continues to go strong, into our second decade, and we calculated something like 120 books.  Special shout out to Karin for having us over at her well designed home and especially for the delicious meals she conjures up for us twice a year.  Our other meetings are held in restaurants that fit the book just read.  Thanksgiving continues to be celebrated at Michael and Karen’s home (ahem - Congrats!).  Karen does an amazing job devising the overall Menu while Michael has mastered the art of the carving!  Then Christmas week is once again joyously spent skiing and eating with Jaleel and family.  This year we were doubly blessed to have Dylan and his family join and from the epic snowfall.  With all due respect to the snowfall, the best part of the trip continues to the meals - each family is appointed a night during which they cook for the entire house - we get a different gourmet feast each night.  Clearly the common denominator across all these traditions is the food, wine and most of all excellent company!  Why am I so hungry all of a sudden?  

4.  Product of the Year -  In keeping with Oprah, I’m going to go with Art of Fielding which was one of the books we read in Book Club this past year.  Initially I didn’t like it, however, I found that this novel did expand my horizons and if the purpose of literature is to entertain and also to re-establish boundaries then this one  - besides that it mostly takes place on a baseball field - how bad can that be.   Kailee would probably pick YouTube and the countless times she watches Gangnam Style on the iPad.  (I should get some sponsorship for this item).  

4.  Yosemite and other Hikes - Thanks to Jaleel and Nasira for inviting us to camp with them at Yosemite - thankfully we all avoided the Hanta virus! Also thanks to everyone with whom we went on day trips / hikes / local outings. Love CA and this is why!!!


3.  Family Visits - This year family on my side came to visit.  My parents came for a week which they essentially spent with Kailee.  She took to my mom right away, and took a bit longer with my dad.  They enjoyed being grandparents.  Aunt Bethany and Uncle Sameer also came for a week.  Their visit was more adventurous - we took Sameer to Tomales Bay  where he learned to shuck and swallow raw oysters.  Sameer and I also took a day trip to Vegas - a day which culminated later in the year with the purchase of a 3,600 sq. ft house with a pool and basketball court.  Look out Maloof Bros!


2.  Kailee - Year 1+ -  As suspected, Kailee has been the highlight of the year.  It amazes me, no matter where we are (and as you’ve read the above - she’s been to many places) - people are attracted to her smile and good nature.  In Taiwan we would have total strangers asking to take her photo (I think it was the eyes).  The best part of my day is picking her up in the AM when she is greeting me in her crib excitedly and smilingly looking forward to the upcoming day.  Hopefully the terrible two’s won’t disqualify her from the List.  

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1.  Thanks everyone for great year - here's to 2013 and more of everyone's smiles and good nature!